The AK-107 found in DayZ Origins.
Damage 2720 Blood
Raw Damage 8
Audible Range 100m
Effective Range 250m
Rounds 30
Fire Modes Single, Burst, Full
Slot Primary
Magazines AK mag

The AK-107 is a Russian Prototype assault rifle based on the AK-74. It was not adopted for service.


The AK-107 uses a Balanced Automatic Recoil System (BARS), that negates recoil. It comes fitted with different optics and/or a GP25/30 grenadelauncher.

The most common optics is the KOBRA (actualy a Kobra EKP-08-02). Other optics are PSO-1, NSPU (1pn34, NV-Scope), 1p29, 1p78, 1p67.


Barracks, Police stations, Missionloot, Sec.B

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