The AK-74 found in DayZ Origins.
Damage 2720 Blood
Raw Damage 8
Audible Range 150m
Effective Range 300m
Rounds 30
Fire Modes Single
Slot Sidearm
Magazines AK mag

The AK-74 is a Soviet assault rifle from the 1970s. In game, It's a very common weapon, But its poor iron sights and low damage make it less than ideal.


The AK-74 is the first assault rifle many players will find. It makes a decent weapon, But is inferior to the M16A2 in every respect except CQC. It's maximum effective range is around 300m, But because of it's poor iron sights few players will be able to hit targets past 200m.


The AK-74 can be found in all military locations, including Police Stations and Fire Stations. it is very common.