Weapon AKM

The AKS found in DayZ Origins.
Damage 4500 Blood
Raw Damage 10
Audible Range 200m
Effective Range 400m
Rounds 30
Fire Modes Single, Full
Slot Primary
Magazines AKM mag

The AKS is a version of the AKM, known in the real world as the AKMS (S = Skladnoy, "Folding" in English.) It was adopted alongside the AKM in 1959 to replace the AKS-47, It's milled receiver counterpart. It was used by Officers, Paratroopers, Tank crews, Police, and Border Guards. Officially replaced by the AKS-74 and AKS-74U in the late 1970s, They can still be found in use today.


The AKS functions exactly like the AKM, the only difference being appearance. Like the AKM, it can (incorrectly) accept SA-58 magazines, and Vice Versa.


The AKS is rarer than the AKM. It can be found in the same places, however.