The AKS-74U found in DayZ Origins.
Damage 2720 Blood
Raw Damage 8
Audible Range 150m
Effective Range 200m
Rounds 30
Fire Modes Single, Full
Slot Primary
Magazines AK mag

The AKS-74U is a shortened version of the AK-74. It was adopted by the Soviet military in 1979 and has been in use around the world since.


The AKS-74U is essentially a shortened version of the AKS-74. It is significantly less accurate, though it's iron sights are superior to the full-length version. since few players can accurately use the AK-74's sights at 300m, the AKS-74U can be considered the superior weapon.


The AKS-74U is a common find in Military installations, and is also widely fielded by Police, and thus can be found in Police and Firestations.