Damage 889 Blood
Raw Damage 4
Audible Range 52.8m
Effective Range 75m
Rounds 20
Fire Modes Single
Slot Sidearm
Magazines APS SD mag

The APB is a fully automatic Machine Pistol of Soviet origin, Also known as the Stechkin. The name means, "Avtomaticheskij Pistolet Besshumnyj", English: "Automatic silenced Pistol." The APB is a variant of the original APS, In-game known as the APS SD. The only difference is the ability to mount a suppressor. This version was widely used in the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, 1979-89.


The APS SD is an excellent silenced pistol. It's magazines are easier to find than the M9 SD's, and it holds five more rounds. It can be used to replace your silenced SMG if need be, allowing you to carry two high-powered weapons. It cannot take APS mags, Instead taking the APS SD mag, Which is loading with subsonic ammunition.


Like the APS, The APS SD and it's Magazines can be found in Police and Fire Stations. However, It is slightly rarer and it is recommended to take it when it is available.

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