Blood is the health of the Player. Upon spawning, a player will have 12000 blood. Getting hit by Zombies, being shot by other players, getting sick, ejecting from moving vehicles and falling from high places will decrease the player's blood. If the player's blood level reach 0, the player will die.

Blood LevelsEdit

As a player's blood level decreases, color saturation decreases proportionally. Complete saturation loss usually occurs around 4000 to 3000 blood. At this point a player will occasionally shake, and the player character's heartbeat may be heard by the player. Hearing becomes impaired as blood loss increases as well. At less than 3000 blood, the player will start to randomly fall unconscious.

Regaining BloodEdit

Regaining blood can be accomplished in a number of ways:

  • Eating food:
    • Canned food - 200 blood
    • MRE's - 800 blood
    • Meat - 400-1600 blood
  • Getting treated with a blood bag by yourself or another player. (Used to only be administered by another player in older versions)
  • Sleeping in any tent or the player-owned/built house for 12,000 blood.

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