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DayZ Origins allows players to create structures that provide storage loot and vehicles.

Hero housesEdit

Heroes have 3 buildings, one for each hero level.

Bandit housesEdit

Bandits have 3 buildings, one for each bandit level.


Garages can be built to secure vehicles. You can start a small garage once you have finished your level 1 house. A large garage requires a minimum of level 3. Only one of each type of building can be constructed per player.

  • Small garage
  • Large garage


Strongholds are large fort-like structures that can provide shelter and storage for a clan.

Stronghold guideEdit

General information:

• The blueprint can only be found at Salvation City.

The stronghold can not be built by only one person. This requires a group of players.

Strongholds consists of 46 different stages and upgrades.

Building a stronghold: • The group leader must be a level 3 hero/bandit with a level 3 house. The group needs at least 4 members and it doesn't matter which level of humanity the members are.

• The group leader and 4 other members must be within 10 meters of the cement mixer while building the foundation.

• The group leader will be able to add and remove group members within 30 meters of the gate of the stronghold.

Important notes:

• Once the stronghold foundation is built, the group leader loses his level 1 & level 2 house.

• Group members will lose their level 1 houses and are now part of a tribe.

• Members of the tribe will not be able to build houses as long as they are part of the tribe.

• For group members it might be better to build your level 2 and 3 houses before working on a stronghold.

• Garages are not affected by joining a tribe.


  • Items you place in the foundation dissappear on a server restart, make sure to either gather all your resources as soon as possible, or store them in a storage box next to the foundation.

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