DayZ Origins allows players to create structures that provide storage loot and vehicles.

Hero housesEdit

Heroes have 3 buildings, one for each hero level.

Bandit housesEdit

Bandits have 3 buildings, one for each bandit level.


Garages can be built to secure vehicles. You can start a small garage once you have finished your level 1 house. A large garage requires a minimum of level 3. Only one of each type of building can be constructed per player.

  • Small garage
  • Large garage


The Stronghold is a large clan building that is able to store large vehicles, helicopters, large amounts of items and provides lookout towers for defense.

  • Strongholds take 23 stages to build (48 stages in update?)
  • After stage 9 the stronghold can be locked
  • Requires a level 3 player as Clan Leader
  • Requires 4 additional players to begin building


Watchtowers are a series of different tower structures that give all players access to a tactical vantage point. There are 5 different watchtower designs (Watchtower, WT1, WT2, WT3, WT4) all with unique defenses and stairs or ladders.

  • The WT1, WT2, WT3, WT4 all have 3 stages of building
  • There are no humanity/level requirements for building watchtowers
  • There are no limits on the amount of watchtowers a player can build
  • These buildings are not lockable and do not provide storage


Fortifications are fences that are designed to provide a layer of protection around an area. Some fortifications can be destroyed with a hatchet or vehicle and others are indestructible.


  • Items you place in the foundation dissappear on a server restart, make sure to either gather all your resources as soon as possible, or store them in a storage box next to the foundation.

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