Vehicle Bus
The Bus found in DayZ Origins
On-road Speed: 70 KM/H
Off-road Speed: 28 KM/H
Fuel Capacity: 100L
Seats: 24
Item Slots: 50
Weapon Slots: 10
Backpack Slots: 2

The Bus in DayZ Origins has 24 seats, making it the largest passenger capacity vehicle available. However, it is both slow and has a very large turning radius which makes it hard to maneuver in Taviana's cramped streets where there are lots of obstacles. Additionally, it has a much smaller fuel tank compared to other large capacity vehicles.

Be aware that the glass areas on the Bus are very big and offer no protection for the driver or the passengers which makes it a prime ambush target. It is also the largest land vehicle in the game and it has a bright white and blue paint job which makes it hard to hide anywhere.

The Bus can be found in many locations on the map but it mainly spawns at bus stations.

Important notesEdit

To enter the gear storage on the bus you must sit in the drivers seat before climbing back (scrolling with your mouse and choose the option "sit in back") and hitting the inventory key (G is default). Another way to view the gear storage when sitting in the back is to go into your Map (you don't actually have to have a map), select units and a gear option will appear near the center of the screen. This can be used without going into the driver's seat first.

Usage tipsEdit

Always keep a couple of extra Jerry Cans in the gear storage on the Bus due to the small fuel tank.

Do not drive into known hot spots and ambush locations on the map without sending a scout ahead first.


BEWARE: The Bus only needs 4 out of 6 wheels to be functional.

To completely repair (Green status) a broken (Red status) Bus the player will need:

Part Amount
Engine Parts 1
Fueltank Parts 1
Scrap Metal 1
Car Wheel 6
Windscreen Glass 4