In the recent update of 1.7.8, you are now able to customize your Ghillie Suit and vehicle with different color schemes to fit the enviroment. Ghillie Suit customization helps to blend in with the enviroment, while vehicle color schemes are really just for show.

Ghillie SuitEdit

The Ghillie Suit itself can be found in residential areas, although having a low spawn value. Be aware that the clothing of your suit depends on your humanity level. If you're a bandit, your pants will not be part of the ghillie suit but will be in the same color as your upper torso. If you're a hero, your whole body will be a ghillie, but you'll have black boots that stand out in the grass and nature. The variation of Ghillie Suit schemes are vast, your surroundings can be used as a disguise when your suit fits in with it.

In order to get the different types of suit, you'll need the appropriate spray can. Spray cans can be found in Novistrana, its most known location is Vladimir.

Color Schemes

  • Normal Ghillie (2 Green spray cans)
  • Wood Ghillie (1 Green spray can, 1 Black spray can)
  • Snow Ghillie (2 White spray cans)
  • Urban Ghillie (1 Black spray can, 1 White spray can)


Customization is easy, the only limitation is your imagination. Find hundreds of spray cans to paint your vehicles, then find stencils to give your vehicle that 'personal' and 'unique' touch. In order to paint a vehicle, you'll need a lot of spray cans, around six cans. If you want to give it a special design, a stencil will be required. Special designs of stencils can be found at Novistrana or Sector B

Vehicle customization 1


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