The G17 found in DayZ.
Damage 889 Blood
Raw Damage 4
Audible Range 52.8m
Effective Range 75m
Rounds 15, 17
Fire Modes Single
Slot Sidearm
Magazines G17 Mag., M9 Mag., M9SD Mag.
"Semi-automatic pistol
Caliber: 9x19mm
— In-game description

The G17 is a sidearm that takes seventeen 9×19mm cartridges in a G17 Mag., and also takes M9 Mag. and M9SD Mag. converted into a G17 Mag. in DayZ.

The G17's cartridges causes moderately-low damage of 889 blood, has low recoil and when fired, has an audible range to zombies of up to 52.8 meters from the shooter's position. The effective range of this weapon is up to 75 meters.

The G17 can kill a player in up to five shots to the body, and as with all weapons and ammunition in DayZ, it can kill in one shot to the head. It can kill zombies in up to three shots to the body.

The G17 is an uncommon sidearm that has a 3.60% chance of spawning in Military loot spawns, excluding Deer Stands.

The G17 is one of the quietest non-silenced sidearms. It can take SD magazines which will make shots fired soundless to zombies, but players will hear and see the same muzzle flash and sound signature as if firing standard cartridges.

Although slightly weaker than the M1911, its much larger magazine size makes it one of the best sidearms for raiding cities and small towns. It also features a built in flashlight, making it useful for night-time raids and fighting.

The G17 shares the same ammunition as the standard M9 sidearm and the suppressed M9 SD variant, making it very versatile throughout Chernarus. The weapon can hold up to seventeen rounds in a G17 Mag.; it is second to the PDW in terms of capacity for sidearms.

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