Houses in DayZ Origins can store items/loot, weapons/tools and backpacks at a limited capacity depending on the house type/level. Remember that things like hatchets, GPS, NVG and anything that goes on your toolbelt will count as a weapon in storage!

Like in vehicle storage, available slots for each item type is shows at the top section of the gear window starting with items/loot then weapons/tools the finally backpacks so an empty Hero level 1 house would have 500/15/5 respectively.

Level 1Edit

Items - 500
Weapons/Tools - 15
Backpacks - 5

Level 2Edit

Items - 500
Weapons/Tools - 30
Backpacks - 10

Level 3Edit

Items - 500

Weapons/Tools - 50

Backpacks - 15

Level 4 Edit

Items - 500

Weapons/Tools - 75

Backpacks - 20

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