Ivan's Lab Edit

Ivan's lab is where Doctor Ivan worked on the virus that now plagues Taviana. After the outbreak, Doctor Ivan's fellow doctors sealed themselves in the lab to protect themselves from the infected zombies in the town above. Luckily for the scientists, they had an armory to defend themselves with. Doctor Ivan's lab is hidden below Sabina with it's entrance hidden by an outdoor outhouse.

As a reward for clearing the lab, normally you will find some weapons (AKS, AKM, M4 variants, and a light machine gun); in addition you'll also find the medical Files of Doctor Ivan, the Zombie virus cure, and a blood bag with antibiotics (used for blood poisoning).


DayZ Origins 1.8

DayZ Origins 1.8.3 - Dr Ivan's Lab-0

Screenshots Edit


Outhouse disguise for the entrance to the lab


Outside location of Doctor Ivan's lab in Sabina


Internal shot of Doctor Ivan's lab containing 4-16 CDC scientists carrying AK, and AKM variants that occasionally drop weapons and various tools such as the PDA Electronic. AK variants spawn in the lab as well. One doctor spawns with a Winchester, he is the only doctor that drops his gun with ammo when killed.


Top floor left side of the lab

Tips Edit

You don't need the best gear to take down the doctors, with a couple of mags you can take them down with just a Makarov, although it's not recommended.

The scientist have top notch aim and will take you down with no hesitation.

Be sure to bring a friend with you. If your knocked down by a lucky shot from one of the scientist, your friend could help you back on your feet if you aren't already dead.

Be sure to take proper medical equipment.

Headshots are key to take them out quick so don't choke and be fast and accurate!