Electro Nests

Nested Buildings ( Electro Nests ) are the latest additions to Origins and they can be built on Electrical Pylons. The nest requires new materials


Once level 3 is finished you will be able to use the collapsible hanger. This will typically fit small helicopters such as little birds and praga choppers.


Notes: To build your level 1 Nested house, you will need to destroy your level one traditional house using the Excavator.

How to craft the new materials:

- To Craft Scrap Connector you need 5x Tin Cans, using the Old Hammer tool

- To Craft Short Planks you need 3x Wood Pile, using the Old Saw tool

- To Craft Metal Supports you need 2x Reinf. Mat. using the Old Pliers tool

- To Craft Long Wood Planks Approach a stack of logs with an Old Saw in your inventory, right click on saw and use it to make long wood planks.

Note: You can find the new tools and some of the the new items in Dr. Ivan and Novistrana Industrial Buildings

Any new un-craftable materials can be found in the world with more chance of spawning in Novistrana 

Required Materials:



You need an old rope and old hammer to set up the Crane


Hero/Bandit Nested buildings Stages & Materials needed :