The Revolver found in DayZ Origins.
Damage 1389 Blood
Raw Damage 6
Audible Range 52.8m
Effective Range 100m
Rounds 6
Fire Modes Single
Slot Sidearm
Magazines 6nd 45ACP

The Revolver is an uncommon weapon found in civilian spawns.


The revolver is extremely accurate and has excellent iron sights - It's possible to get headshots on Zombies over 100m. This makes it an effective weapon for looting Helicopter Crash Sites and Barns, Where you can pick off the Zombies without going in harm's way. However, With a low capacity and low fire rate (Around one round a second) the Revolver is virtually useless for PvP.


The Revolver can be difficult to find. The best place to look is the Supermarket, Though searching Houses may wield the same results. It's ammunition can be created by converting M1911 mags.