The Tanker Exchange

The Tanker Exchange Edit

Shortly before the zombie apocalypse, the Taviana tanker docked at Dalnogorsk's port, caught in a storm it was wrecked and washed up on the small mound of earth close to Taviana zoo. The tanker contained a huge amount of supplies, including weapons among other things as well as people, some of which survived. They built up camp around the wreckage. After a while this place became known as The Tanker Exchange, where murder and robbery is forbid.


Gameplay Edit

  • There will be no currency, you exchange with items
  • You cannot KILL anyone inside the The Tanker Exchange
  • You cannot ROB anyone inside the The Tanker Exchange
  • You can only exchange items if the NPC considers it a fair exchange

Location Edit

- The Tanker Exchange is located on a small independent island near Taviana zoo


Which items are good/bad for trading Edit

Good: Aluminium sheets, Blood Bags, Bolts, Building Material, Electrical Circuits, Mags (AK, AKM, DMR, M240/249, MG36, MK17, Stanag, VSS, PKM), Motor Oil, Plates (Ceramic, Kelver, Steel), Vehicle Parts

Okay: Cloths, Computer Chips, Epi Pen, Illness Tester, Limestone, Mags (Makarov SD, M9SD)

Bad: Antidot, Blueprints, Guns Parts, Mags (.45 ACP, 45nd, APS, PDW, RPK-74), Rocks

Admin Info Edit

  • Server admins can enable / disable the barter option, if it is enabled players can barter however if it is disabled players will not be able to exchange items
  • Server admins can enable / disable the safe zone